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There's nothing more powerful tool to gain popularity other than the internet. To be popular in cyber world has many perks and can be a very useful assets in order to further your interests, be it business or personal career. It is indisputable that having online presence nowadays is a one of the keys to success, therefore you have to make sure that your website is noticeable. One way to achieve that is through using Search Engine Optimization or SEO in short.

Internet is an infinite place and ever growing so rapidly. Everyday countless bytes of information are being uploaded and every website owners are competing to have their websites easily accessible to potential audiences or customers. Getting higher result in search engine such as Google or Bing would provide a huge boost to accessibility of a website because search engines are a gateway of information. To have your website being indexed in first page of search result would mean that many more users will likely to click.

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Solar SEO: Important Components to Increase Traffic from Google Search

It is very important to increase traffic from Google Search. Nowadays, there are over 40,000 searches per second being processed by the Google's search engine. That means there are over 3.5 billions searches each day or 1.2 trillions search in a year. For comparison, as of May 2019, Google's search engine market share is 92.04%.  Meanwhile Yahoo has only 2.67%  market share and Bing is only used by 2.39%  of worldwide search engine users. Baidu, the Chinese's search engine, only represents 0.89%  of  global search engine usage, and the Russian's Yandex RU has only 0.51% share. The smallest one is DuckDuckGo which has only 0.38% market share. So you can say that 9 out 10 people in the world use Google as their preferred search engine.

The graph above tells us that billions of user choose Google Search as their preferred gateway to find information. So you need to make sure that your website is visible in Google Search engine as we have already discussed in previous the…

Solar SEO: Writing Valuable Content as Visitor Magnet

Your websites popularity greatly depend on the value of your content. If you have an ability or special knowledge, then you'd need to pour them into making an interesting content. It can be in form of writings, video or image. Content is an asset for those who are connected to the internet. Of course not everything in internet can be considered as valuable. There are many junk contents out there. 
There are some characteristic which define valuable content which we'll discuss in the following

Valuable Content

Content needs to have informative, entertaining and education value. There are machine generated contents, such as the usage of Markov Chain for example, but these types of content often considered as junk. Machines are incapable of generating original thought and they have nothing to convey. They only try to predict, imitate, and using probability. Thus the content generated by machine would not make any sense to human, and therefore it is useless. It can be interesting t…

SOLAR SEO: Understanding How Google Works - GoogleBot Indexing

In order to become popular in internet, you must first must understand how Google works. Why Google and not other search engine you might ask? More than 80% internet searches are done by Google search engine. I think some of you who just start to get into online business might even don't realize that there are other searchengine such as Bing, Yahoo or Yandex. So it is essential to be able to get high ranking in Google search result as it it part of the Organic Search Engine Optimization method.

To put it simply, your will be able to get higher rank if Google loves your website. Getting to know how Google work is the first step to make Google loves you.
GoogleBot In order to index your webpages, Google will use a web crawler or a robot called GoogleBot. The bot will tireless and automatically crawl or visit your content and analyze it whether your website is eligible to be indexed or not. If your website is found to be not eligible, you won't get indexed and your website will …